Friday, November 8, 2013

Love Entwined Update and Pan American Redwork Reproduction

I finished the second corner basket last week. I am eager for the 15th of the month when  the next basket pattern is released! Love Entwined is Esterh Aliu's reproduction pattern based on a 1790 appliqued marriage coverlet found in Averil Colby's book Patchwork. The medallion style quilt has seven borders, three densely appliqued.

See more about the project at Esther Aliu's blog:

The pattern is available to members of the Yahoo group found at:

I am also working again on my Pan American Redwork reproduction quilt. I am using the Blu Hill printed fabric from several years ago, and adding more blocks by tracing the patterns from the Pan American Redwork quilt I purchased last January.

Here is the 1901 quilt.

And here are the blocks I have finished. The Electricity Building is the first one I traced from the vintage quilt. President McKinley and the American Eagle is also from my vintage quilt. The rest are from the Blue Hill fabric which I embroidered. I use DMC #304 embroidery floss, three strands mostly but 2 for detailed areas. The background fabrics are not all the same, as I could not completely match the Blue Hill fabric background. I think the setting blocks will be varied so it will all work out in the end!

The printed fabric can still be found at times on eBay and also at Quilt In A Day's website shop:


  1. Wow! Love your LE - those colours really 'pop'!

  2. Nancy, your LE is beautiful...I love the way the colors compliment and contrast with one lovely...