Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Michigan 101: Winter Wonderland

Some decades ago the State of Michigan used the motto "Water Winter Wonderland." The state really is a wonderland of water, and well winter offers lots to do with skiing, snowmobiles, ice fishing, and cross country skiing.

Of course my husband and I consider winter activities to include a book, a quilt, and a cup of hot tea. And if we have a nice picture window, we look out and think, "SO GLAD to be inside!" One parsonage was in the woods, and the view could be quite nice in winter.

The shoveling part is not so nice, especially when no snow blower is provided. We lived for a time next to a parking lot and they plowed the snow into a huge pile next to our driveway.

They say in Michigan that if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes and it will change. One spring it decided to snow when the tulips were just up!

My brother loves the outdoors, regardless of the weather. He takes wonderful photographs. The first photo is from Clear Springs near Montague, MI. The next is a Sandhill Crane at Kensington Metro Park outside of Metro Detroit.

Make no doubt about it, Michiganders know how to enjoy the Winter Wonderland.

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