Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mixed Vintage

My in-laws gave us these chairs when I admired them and we used them until they were falling apart. We recently  had them reglued and I recovered the seats. I found a great deal on 1960s fabric on eBay, a linen and cotton blend. Somehow the two go together.

We have the family room adjacent to the kitchen painted Potpourri Green by Benjamin Moore, and will use the same color in the kitchen. We used this paint before in a bedroom and in a bath. It always makes me feel HAPPY.
I have over three yards of the fabric left! I could recover some small side chairs, or one larger chair. Or make a window treatment for the kitchen.
We inherited a house which my parents bought in 1971 and for five years have been preparing it for retirement, with our son living there in the meantime. We have worked on structural issues, like windows, doors, driveway, plumbing and electrical issues. Finally, we are getting down to decorating!
The house is still pretty much the way I inherited it. The kitchen cabinets were refinished by my brother in the 1980s, and the oven and countertop is from the same time period, but the cabinets are original to the house. We painted the adjacent family room and replaced the vertical blinds over the patio door with pinch pleat drapes.
Dad replaced Mom's 1963 table set in the mid-90s,  but the chairs were uncomfortable. Now, we have really cool chairs!

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