Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Ground Hog Day. And the Robins Return to Michigan

The sky is grey but bright, a Michigan version of sunshine.

The snow is so deep, our driveway is like one of those bobsled runs. The mail box is nearly unreachable.
The road has narrowed because of the snow piled on either side, so we can just manage to back out and turn the car. This is what it looked like last week...

Today we had a flock of Robins visiting the neighborhood! Amazing! 17 degrees, two feet of snow on the ground, so barren even the deer have not come to feast on our bushes.
But the Robins decided to return to Michigan.


The village has been quiet. Empty houses surround us, summer occupied cabins left empty for six or nine months of the year. 

And the snow is pristine white, unsullied by car exhaust. There are few businesses open in town: the post office, bank, two bars, and a coffee house. This is a resort town, a place for summer cottages and filled marinas and camp grounds. The village may have 1500 people in the summertime, with four ice cream spots. In winter there are perhaps 500 hardy folk who either like ice fishing and winter sports or don't have a winter retreat elsewhere. Even the pizza parlor closes come November. 
So I hope the Robins know what they are doing, and that spring will be here sooner than another six weeks. The deep snow and empty houses and icy roads and overcast sky have made us all just want to hibernate.

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