Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Royal Oak Flea Market

I returned to the Royal Oak Flea Market today. I did not buy any fleas but I did buy from vendors who are also here on Saturday for the Royal Oak Farmer's Market.

I bought some local honey. I have been buying local honey for years, but with the news about the problems and concerns with commercial honey I am more committed to buying local. I bought some loose tea with coconut in it! I am drinking it now having used the floating tea bell I bought at The Rust Belt some weeks ago.
And I brought home a loaf of Cinnamon bread and two spinach pies ($3.00!) from Vic the Breadman.

Vic has been at the market for more than a dozen years, both on Saturday and Sunday. He offers great breads of all kinds, including frosted breakfast breads, whole grain breads, rolls, Brioche, spinach pies, cornmeal pizza crust, and foccacia.

Today Vic and I chatted. He grew up in Detroit where in the mid 1950s his school had over 9,000 students so they had to attend school in shifts. School started at 7:30 am and ended at 5:30 pm.

I saw some sweetheart pillows, souvenirs that soldiers sent home to their mothers, sisters, and sweethearts during WWI and WWII. You can learn more about them in Pat Cumming's book Sweetheart and Mother Pillows.

Last year ago I bought some great barkcloth here. Today there were several offerings of vintage barkcloth and chintz drapes.

More Mid-Century Modern items are showing up at flea markets now.

Handmade soaps, lotions and other items are offered at Dirty Girl Farm. Other booths have spices, teas, honey, and baked goods.

Although today it was not even 20 degrees out, the market's outdoor booths were occupied again. In a few weeks they will offer flowers and plants at the Saturday Farmer's market.

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