Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring=Flowers. Floral Handkerchiefs

Orchid handkerchief quilt; mid-century cotton hanky with triple borders

Just when I thought spring would never come, the daffodils and crocus have started to peek from the earth. The snow has melted over the last two weeks, but in shady places I can still see a foot of snow.
Even after six hours of thunderstorms overnight.

We had four months with deep snow on the ground, with below freezing cold, and lots of wind. So I am more than ready for spring. So I am sharing some of my favorite floral handkerchiefs from my collection.

Mid-century cotton hanky with roses

Lotus cotton hanky

Mid-century cotton hanky. Pansies.

New hanky bought several years ago at a restaurant in Gaylord MI. Cotton.

Mid-century tulip cotton hanky

Mid-century peony cotton hanky

Mid-century cotton Iris hanky

Mid-century violet bouquet cotton hanky

Water lily cotton hanky, mid-century

Wildflower cotton hanky, likely 3rd quarter 20th c

Oversize flower hanky, cotton, mid-century
cotton hanky with petunias and flox

Pansies mid-century cotton hanky
Pussy Willow mid-century cotton hanky
Cotton late 20th c hanky

mid-century cotton hanky with poppies and gladiola

Mid-century pink lilacs cotton hanky

c. 1940s cotton hanky with roses

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