Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Pummychug Christmas

Clawson was originally called Pummychug. Its historical museum is in a 1920 home. The house has enjoyed a long and varied history, including being used as a speak-easy and as a morgue! Now it is outfitted with items from the 1920s and 1930s. It was decorated for Christmas.

 This Christmas tree is made of  feathers.

 All the cats in the house were manikins, like the figures displaying vintage clothing.
 An old radio that ran on a battery, and a pipe stand.
The phone works for incoming calls. As there is no dial...or telephone operator...outgoing calls are problematic.
 A little oven for a little kitchen.

 The ice chest.
 The Hoosier cabinet was stocked with vintage tins.
Including this vintage Sanders tin, Sanders being a local chocolate shop since 1875..

 The doll quilt is made of embroidered wool pieces made from men's suiting samples.

 I love the fox spool holder!

 In the late 1970swe lived near the empty Stetson hat factory in Philadelphia.
The medicine cabinet was filled with patent medicines....mostly alcohol and laudanum and other things now outlawed.
 Sweet handkerchiefs!
 A banjo was on the bed in the summer sleeping room.

Water pipes made of wood are still being found in Detroit. Hopefully ours have all been upgraded in the last century...
 The Button Family has button faces on this little bag.
 Please Go Away and Let Me Sleep! says this owl printed souvenir pillow from Petosky, MI

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