Monday, April 13, 2015

My Weekend Haul: Hankies and Quilt Tops and Embroidery and 1927 Stamped Linens

The weather is finally beautiful in Michigan and I had a hankering to explore. On Saturday we went to Berkley and the Odd Fellow's Antique Mall, the Council Resale across the street, and The Rust Belt Market in Ferndale and Vintage Vogue in Pleasant Ridge.

On Sunday (after church and lunch with family) I ran down to the Royal Oak Flea Market. Something was calling my name.

It turned out the siren was a Depression era Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt top for $20.00! The lady, who was from Port Huron, also had some linens stamped for embroidery.

First up are two handkerchiefs I bought at the antique mall. They had loads of handkerchiefs, but so do I so I am particular

Next up are embroidered pieces I found at the thrift shop for $1 each.
 Above is the detail of a pair of matching dresser scarfs, nicely finished.
Above is a pillow cover with embroidery on linen. It was never used.
The flea market top is below. The setting is pale pink and Nile Green.
 As you can see, the top does not lay flat. I have preordered the Recycled Hexie Quilts book by Mary Kerr and hope I can use it in the way she shows in the book.

There are some interesting fabrics.

The stamped linen pieces are on a coarse, heavy weave ecru linen. The stamping is light blue. Two came with papers showing color placement and a color chart from Nun's Boil Fast Threads, and there were cut out samples of other items they offered. The patterns were dated 1927!

I can't find anything online about Nun's, except for a post at what-i-found blog:

UPDATE: I have found a wonderful history on the company written by Susan Wildemuth at
 This is black and white image of the linen showing an Indian at his tepee; the chart is below.

The sample that was attached to the Indian pattern.

Another pattern was of sail boats.There were five samples attached.

 The color chart showing the threads.

 The little Dutch girl had no papers or charts.

I spent $29 on all of the above. And $14 for some tea blends at The Rust Belt Market. Lunch at Alex's of Berkley was a whooping $20.00: hubby had lasagna, soup, and desert and I had Greek salad and a gyro. It was a cheap mini-vacation in our own home town! Across the street from the restaurant is Guildcrafters Quilt Shop with great modern fabrics. 

I don't think I shared this eBay hanky find from a while back. There is a hole in the top center but if I use it in a hanging it can be dealt with.
We were trying out the lighting in the house for photographs. Not a great local, but it is the first "hanging" photo I have of my Prince's Feather! I will be showing it in the CAMEO Quilt Guilt show in June. We need to provide photos with the entry form.

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