Saturday, July 25, 2015

A New Rug: Before and After

Now that we have cork flooring in the family room we needed a rug to make it look homey. I have searched online and looked at rugs in stores but never saw what I wanted.

Today we went to Plymouth, MI to buy a vintage coffee table at a warehouse sale. We wanted it for our flatscreen ROKU television which was a Christmas from our son. Our last century Sauder tv stand was too high, and well, dated and ugly and beat up. I figured a vintage piece would be real wood and cost less money than a fake wood new one.

We liked the table and took it home. We moved out the old tv stand and set up the tv on the new table.

The room still looked barren and empty. I suggested we go to Leon & Lulu's here in town. We looked at their floor displays of living rooms then made our way to their rug corner. Flipping through the rugs we both gasped: there was the perfect rug! It had the colors of the kitchen and the family room, was NOT a floral or a geometric that will later shout "2015" and was all wool. 
It is a tweed with blues, greens, and navy colors. It also comes in a luscious green, light blue, and red tweed from Company. It is hand made in India.

 They bundled it up for us to bring home and try out.

We spent the rest of the afternoon rearranging the room and now it looks homey and pretty.

The view into the kitchen with the coffee table tv stand. The room is on a cement slab and the cable cord was stapled to the baseboard. With all new baseboards I wanted to put the tv near where the cord comes into the room.
I am not finished but the major pieces are in place. We think.

This is what the room looked like several years ago after I inherited the house:
The ancient blue rug, the off white walls, the vertical blinds...and the cast iron chandelier my grandfather Milo made many years ago!
 Grandparent's sofa before reupholsering!

We have to finish all this redecorating and rearranging and clearing out...some year. I am badly behind with my quilting projects, and am even struggling to keep up with NetGalley books!

But our forever home is coming along very nicely!

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