Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving with the Fairies

The Brownies' Thanksgiving Turkey

"Gobble, gobble," sang the turkey
Just before Thanksgiving Day,
Never did that turkey gobbler
Sing another gobbing lay.

"Goggle-Gobble, " sand the Brownies
As they viewed their vast repast
"This we know, that best they gobble
Who can gobble-gobble last."

The Chieftain's Song of Thanks

Ye rulers of the Year,
who do my tribe befriend,
To you, most plenteous givers,
my messengers I send.
Accept their songs of thanks,
their caroling of praise,
For summer and its aftermath,
the Indian summer days.

Our autumn crops are garnered,
our Indian corn is yellow,
Beneath the harvest moon
our harvest fruits are mellow;
With grains in plenty seasoning
in autumn's purple haze,
We have no dread foreboding
of winter's fearful days.

Jack Frost

Elfin pictures on the pane
Mean Jack Frost has come again;
Lace and fens and vines and flowers,
Snow-capped peaks and fairy bowers,

Castles gleaming opalescent,
Rivers flowing iridescent;
Jewels set in filigree,
All in crystal fantasy.

from A Year With the Fairies
Anna M. Scott

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