Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Little Sewing Going On

I have been working on Icicle Days from Bunny Hill Designs.  Embroidery will be added later. I am using the fabric I won from Quilter's Newsletter, Fontaine.

I have two of three February 1857 Album blocks finished.

I have not been hand quilting very much on my Austen Family Album... Too busy with doggies at night, and I have been working on the applique at my weekly quilt group.

But I did share my Album quilt with the weekly group, and shared it on Facebook quilt groups to much acclaim.

Album quilt by Nancy A. Bekofske
I finished it several years back. I used patterns from magazines and books and created several original patterns, including the Shiba Inu Princess Feather at the center top.
Four Shibas block by Nancy A. Bekofske
This is for our Shiba Inu pets Kili, Suki, Kara, and Kamikaze.
Kamikaze, a puppy mill breeder rescue

Suki, a puppy mill breeder rescue
Kara, a puppy mill breeder rescue. Our foster dog
of nine months. Died of kidney failure.

Kili, our first Shiba, lived 16 years.
My husband came up with the idea of the Dachshund bookends for our dogs Pippin and P.J.
in process block for Album Quilt

A Facebook quilt friend, whom I have yet to meet, quilts with the group I quilted with almost 30 years ago. She sent me this photo of Claire Booth, applique' and quilt artist extraordinaire, showing a wool quilt she made while I knew her.

Claire Booth
This is the wall hanging she designed and created for us when we moved in the late 1990s.
quilt by Claire Booth
I have been invited to go back and visit these ladies who taught me so much when I began quilting in 1991. I hope to arrange something this spring.

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