Thursday, January 4, 2018

Gifts You Can Sew from 1942

Gifts You Can Sew from the Spool Cotton Company sold for 10 cents in 1942. It offered 71 gifts which "you can make yourself at one tenth the cost and ten times the fun." Some of these gift ideas were still floating around in my childhood.

Romantic Notions for the Bride-To-Be included a powder mitt and covered hangars. I remember being given a powder mitt as a girl.

I remember the Hillsdale quilters made a version of hanger covers in the 1990s, some which encased the hanger and included a zipper lining for a secure hiding place.
 It was a time when aprons were still worn.
 The chicken potholder was another item I recall seeing in many homes when I was a girl.

Aprons were also used by men, who ruled the Barbeque. Several types of bags for sewing and needlework were offered.
 Decorating napkins, placemats, and table covers for gift linens was popular.
 Applique and embroidery patterns were provided.

WWII was on everyone's minds, and everyone knew a man in service. Gifts for GIs included a duffle bag, money belt, and sewing kit.
Embroidery patterns in a patriotic theme were offered for a boy's fabric belt.
The necklace in crochet for teens seems quite odd to me. Also the mittens and sock-slippers. It was a different time.
 A rag doll and stuffed animals were suggestions for children's gifts.

 I love these vintage finds.

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