Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More Magazine Ads From the 1960s

I was packing and found another pile of old magazines. I took some pics to share before the magazines went into the garage sale. You can learn so much about society past from old ads.

My family never thrilled to a Buick, but Dad had a Bell-Air in white and turquoise and later I learned to drive in a red 1962 Chrysler New Yorker with loads of chrome.

There was  a story about a dancing housewife.Apparently it was the only way she could face the drudgery, and her husband disapproved because it made her look pretty crazy.

 This look could be found in homes today, except for the red walls. I'd get that wall unit in a heartbeat.
 Remember when little girls wore pinafores and slips that made the skirts stick out? What were they thinking?
 Oh boy, I hate to admit it but Mom and I had matching cats-eye glasses in pink and blue!
 Mom was totally a Pepsi drinker.
 Our second television looked like this. The first one was a very small screen in a very large box.
 Santa Baby lounging on carpet? Strange ad. Get a move on, Santa!
 When smoking was glamorous. At least it was supposed to be glamorous, but my brother and I coughed and complained about the smoke.
 I had several steel kitchens in parsonages past, and actually loved those cabinets.
 Such great art work for the short stories.
 Ugh. I never liked those TV dinners. They were quite awful. And yet, Mom bought them.
Have a great day!

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