Thursday, May 1, 2014

Vintage Quilts

I finally have a place set up so I can take photographs of my quilts hanging up.

This quilt was made from decorating fabric samples with several prints in different colors ways. It has feather stitching between the blocks, a gold backing, no batting. It is quite heavy! I tried sleeping under it during this past brutally cold winter and was too warm! It was an eBay find about 15 years ago.

Print in three color ways; a fourth is elsewhere on the quilt

feather stitching

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About seven years ago my dad was driving around and saw a trunk along the road. He put it in the back of his truck. When he opened it he found this Carolina Lily quilt inside! It is very primitive, poorly constructed and quilted, and heavy. But it has a great vibrancy and joy. The fabrics appear to be late 70s/early 90s.

That orange fabric is amazing. Some fabrics could have been from clothing, shirts or light weight pants.

I wrote about buying four quilts from the Royal Oak Flea Market last year. A man had a table piled with quilts taken from an empty East Side Detroit house. The owner had passed on and her family gave him permission to take what he wanted. He was selling the quilts for $35-45.

This Trip Around the World has a small red and white check print used in the border. It is all made by hand.

Another quilt by the same maker is this large masterpiece. People walking by smirked at the bright yellow border.

This is how I found the last two quilts above, piled up on an outdoor table. I bought four quilts total, including the red and white print one in the center of the table. It was a wholecloth quilt with a Christmas bell border that I discovered had an 1880s quilt used as batting! You can see pics of what was inside at:

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