Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keeping Busy

On Sarurday I attended a local chapter of a decorative painting group. We did this snowman on a chalk board. I have to finish it still--it's supposed to have snowflakes on it. We decided it should read GO AWAY SNOW since we are pretty tired of winter, snow, and single digit cold.

I am sewing my Austen Album Sampler blocks together! I had to order more fabric for the sashing and borders.

 I got a free book, Sue Reich's Quiltings, Frolics, and Bees. I do surveys for a group that has books as a choice for rewards.
I am also ready to applique another Love Entwined border!

And started Pumpkin Pie from Bunny Hill patterns.

Sadly our Suki has an abscessed tooth and will have dental surgery. Poor girl.