Friday, February 6, 2015

Three Little Quilts

My new quilt guild's quilt show will be held this June and they are soliciting small quilts to sell at the show. I have had fun using leftover blocks.

I took a left over four patch block from a baby quilt and gave it a few borders, then embellished it with some lace and buttons that reminded me of the kitten's blue eyes.
I embroidered this some years ago, and had no idea what to do with it. Just a simple border and a little hand quilting.
Another embroidered piece from a vintage transfer embroidery patter was finished with some 1990s Ginny Beyer water fabric and hand quilting.
I am back to Love Entwined! I work on it during my time with the Clawson quilters. There is so much preparation: cutting the applique pieces and basting them onto the background has taken me hours. THEN I have to needle turn embroider it all!

I am also working on Alice in Wonderland Redwork from Mirkwood Designs.

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