Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 2: Rough Carpentry and New Subfloor

The old half wall was torn down and a new one made. It has to be higher to accommodate another plug, as per new codes.
Our contractor Jen also discovered two 3/4" plywood levels of subfloor! She had them torn out and a new subfloor installed, otherwise the kitchen floor would be higher than the surrounding flooring.
Plywood was installed where the soffits were taken out so the insulation in the attic does not fall into the kitchen.

We saw the new cork floor!

Tomorrow the plumber comes to move the water to where the sink will be, and HVAC will be installing the venting for the range hood. Then we wait for inspection before the next step: drywalling and sanding. Ugh.

After that things get interesting!

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