Monday, June 22, 2015

Day One: Tear Down

Good bye, old kitchen. My folks bought this house after my grandfather's death and my grandmother moved in with my family. Mom used to cook, and Grandma cleaned up. My brother was eleven when they moved in here, but I was at college.

I didn't do much in the kitchen until after Mom died. Then I would cook and clean up when visiting Dad. I inherited the house after Dad passed. A year later our son moved in after he finished college. And last June, a year ago, Gary and I moved in after he retired.

So this kitchen has seen four generations of my family.

We already have a new stove. The 1984 one had been the second in the house. When my folks bought the house the appliances were Harvest Gold. The lighted hood does not even have a circulating fan.
The empty spot is where the refrigerator was originally. Our new didn't fit.

The new refrigerator will stay in this corner. Mom once had a glass front hutch full of her Depression Glass collection there.

We have set up a coffee and microwave station in the living room. The family room carpet will be torn up also. We are having the same cork flooring in the kitchen and the family room.

Its going to be difficult for our doggies. Kamikaze is spooked by loud noises. Suki will be upset she can't get into her favorite room, the family room corner.

Kamikaze and Suki in the family room
But it is exciting to finally be starting the project!
Dad a few months before we lost him

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