Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter with the Fairies

Lady Winter

Lady Winter clothed in ermine
On the North Wind gallops in,
Over crystal bridges bright,
Over carpets snowy white.

See the North Wind, snorting, prancing,
Scare the leaves that, romping, dancing,
Cease their merriment and play
And hurrying, scurrying, run away.

Winter Sports

The children's coats are downy white,
And ruddy winter berries bright
Are tam-o-shanters warm and red
Upon each little golden head.

On sleds of holly leaves they coast,
Of silver skates they proudly boast
And snowball fights with tiny forts--
These are their jolly winter sports.

Mother Earth's Lullaby

Sleepy little flowers, cuddle down to rest,
Soft and warm and loving, close to Mother's breast,
Drowsy little flowers, snuggle close to me,
Whispering Winds, come hither and croon your melody.

Sleep, my little children, through-out the long cold night,
You shall be tucked under blankets snowy white,
Dream, my little children, in slumbers soft and deep,
Whispering Winds, come hither, and croon my babes to sleep.
I hopes you enjoyed a year with the fairies!

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