Friday, January 29, 2016

Aunt Carrie's Quilt & New Finds

My Aunt Pat Ramer had three of my Great-Aunt Carrie Ramer Bobb's postage stamp quilts, which my grandfather wrote about in an article for his hometown paper. One sadly met its end in a washing machine mishap. The other two were were coming unsewn and some fabrics had shredded. Aunt Pat took one quilt apart to repair it. And there it sat in her closet.

I brought the quilts home with me to see what I can do.
Aunt Carrie made the quilts in the 1960s with fabric scraps. 1" squares of fabric were sewn by hand into nine-patch units. Colors are repeated to make larger "x" patterns.

 Below is the top of the quilt Aunt Pat took apart. There are several more pieces as well.

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