Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Love Entwined Update

So many little pieces! I am finishing the fourth border and started prepping the corner blocks. I am determined to finish this section of the pattern! Well, some time this year!

The pattern includes two more appliquéd borders with even more little pieces! Quilters have actually finished the entire quilt! Hats off to these intrepid quilters! Each is beautiful. My workmanship is primitive in comparison. I am sure this border is my final addition. At this point I can't face all the little pieces in the next section. (But if my husband has his way I will trudge on.)

In 2013 Esther Aliu announced her pattern Love Entwined, based on a 1790 coverlet she found in Averil Colby's book Patchwork. Working from a black and white photo she drafted a detailed and complicated pattern. Read about it at her blog:

Esther continues to design new patterns which can be accessed for free, now on her Facebook groups, and later may be purchased.

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