Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Latest Fashions for Ladies---100 Years Ago

I found a partial catalog from the National Cloak and Suit Company, Seventh Ave,, 24th and 25th Sts., New York City. The covers and many pages were missing. Snooping around the Internet I found photos from the catalog uploaded to Flickr and discovered it was from 1917.
16145 Sheer Voile--$7.50 was a summer dress "sheer and cool". The color was trimmed with Venise pattern lace. Shown in tan. 16146 Embroidered Net--$12.98 "ideal for formal or semi-formal occasions". 16148 Linene--$5.75 was a "practical dress" in a new and smart fashion.

16150 Voile--$8.98 of imported embroidered voile. 16151 Gabardine--$6.98 in popular solid & striped materials shown in tan and Copenhagen blue. 16152 Embroidered Organdie--$7.50 "Do you want a truly beautiful summer dress that expresses daintiness and refined taste in every detail?" White crocheted buttons. Shown in pink.

In the late 1890s The National Cloak and Suit Company was one of the biggest manufacturers of tailor made 'to order' ladies suits and skirts.

9227-- $12.98 Smart Coat of Handsome All-Wool Worsted Poplin came in burgundy "the new, rich dark wine color", navy blue, mustard, and black. 

4301 A skirt of Latest New York Style "3.98 "here is one of the newest skirts of the season--a smart and graceful model" in wool serges with "fashionable burgundy color satin facing for the shirred frills which finish waist-line and pouch pockets."

National coats cost less. 9201 $8.98 coat in all-wool worsted serge "of a quality ordinarily seen only in coats sold at higher prices" came in Copenhagen blue, navy blue, and black.

9202 $18.98 All Wool Worsted Poplin in "real Parisian style" came in mustard or green trimmed with navy blue peau de cygne (highly finished silk); also Copenhagen blue trimmed in mustard color peau de cygne. 

"Yes, beauty does indeed reign supreme here. But second in power is Big Value." 23401 $6.98 for spring and summer wear, dress of figured silk and cotton Foulard in rose, Copenhagen blue, or navy. 23402 $9.89 Silk taffeta dress came in medium green, Copenhagen blue, navy blue, or black.

"Not merely small sizes" they are "especially proportioned to fit". 21314 $7.50 fine Voile dress with lace trim. 21315 $10.75 fashionable bretelle style draped bodice has net ruffles and plain net underskirt.21316 $5.49 dress with large collar with dainty embroidered voile. 21317 $3.98 "simplicity of style" dress of embroidered voile.

Sizes 32 to 38 bust. 38301 $6.98  in "serviceable" wool and cotton fabric. 38301 all wool poplin "serviceable" coat is unlined and came in mustard, navy blue, and apple green. 38303 white Chinchilla cloth coat.
24328 $18.50 smart belted suit came in navy blue or black. Skirt length was 36 to 43 inches with wide based hem. 24329 $6.98 Linene suit in rose, medium green, or Copenhagen blue  had a sailor collar. 24330 $14.98 Silk and wool poplin suite in medium green, navy blue, or black.

 24301 $14.98 "chic New York Style" suit in Copenhagen blue, navy blue, or tan.

 They also made clothing for children.

And infants clothing.

Hats, shoes, and other things ladies need.

Testimonials regarding their quality.

1916 National Cloak and Suite Company photo 'ladies choosing books'

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