Friday, May 6, 2016

Trillium and Other May Wildflowers at Tenhave Woods

We returned to a local wildflower sanctuary in Royal Oak, MI to see the Trillium. The woods is next to my Alma Mater (Kimball High, now the Royal Oak H.S.). The Royal Oak Nature Society has worked to keep the deer out of the woods and the local wildflowers are blooming in abundance--more Trillium than we have ever seen.

Marsh Marigold was also in bloom.
 I forgot this purple flower's name.
After several rainy days the vernal pond was full. There were 'ponds' all throughout the woods.

Chipmunks, woodpecker, Redwing Blackbirds, and some flutter-bys were also enjoying the sunny afternoon.
The woods is left natural and the downed trees provide interesting safe havens.


It is so wonderful to live in the 'burbs but have this little bit of nature just down a mile down the road!

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