Wednesday, September 21, 2016

1975 Signature Quilt Blocks

My friend Theresa Nielson shared signature quilt blocks found at an estate sale. The pattern is Barbara Brackman's 3252 with an unknown source.

I love a genealogical mystery and brought them home for research.

The blocks are embroidered with names and various dates in 1975. I identified several family groupings: Wheatley and Dominguez. There were also blocks for President Gerald Ford and his wife Betty.

The first clues were blocks for "'my mom' Minnie E Wheatley" and "'my dad' Harry Wheatley". Also a block was signed "Love You Always Your Brother Shell."

Other Wheatley family blocks included Virginia A. Wheatley dated 2-8-75; Harry J. Wheatley dated Feb 8 1975; and Helyn E. Wheatley dated Feb 3 1975.

I started with the Federal Census from Wayne Co, MI.  Harry Wheatley was born in Canada in 1879, moved to Pennsylvania in 1889, then moved to Michigan. He was naturalized as a US Citizen in 1895. Harry J. married Minnie E. Howes who was born July 26, 1880 in Canada and died May 13, 1973 in Sterling Heights, MI. Their children included Florence E., born in 1908; Sheldon E, born March 29, 1910 and died May 12, 1990; Eleanor born in 1909; Virginia M. born April 5, 1912 and died May 7, 2002; and Francis born about 1926.

Sheldon married Margaret Newman in Detroit on Sept 28, 1932. He was a painter. Their children included Don Ernest born in 1944 and Edward who died in 2004.

Virginia Wheatley first married Allen Hutchenson. Then she married Harry D. "Hank" Gonzalez. They lived in Detroit, MI in 1975.
Allan Hutchenson 1934-1953
Virginia M Gonzalez and Harry B. Gonzalez
Florence E Wheatley married Martin Allor (b. 1907) in 1928. They had child David Martin and Mary Eleanor who died in 1930 under 2 years of age.

I found a Helyn Wheatley who was born Jan 8, 1921 and died March 25, 1992 in Reeder, Misaukee, MI. A Helyn E. Wheatley was born Sept. 1, 1975 in Lake City, MI.

The Dominguez family inlcuded Eleanor Dominguez who married Richard Wayne Strong; they divorced in 1974. Eleanor lived in Lorain, OH and in Florida. I wonder if she is Eleanor Wheatley?

Twins Vera L. and Vida D. Dominguez were born January 28, 1961 in Lorain, OH. Vida married Michael Paul Kivatisky and Vera married Bobby E Goode. Their parents may have been Joey Dominguez and Colleen Pass.

Josie Dominquez was perhaps Josephine born May 2, 1907 and died April 22, 1991.

Grace Dominguez was born Dec. 23, 1939 in Kentucky and died March 27, 2006 in Las Vegas, OH.
Eliz. Hutchinson, March 23, 1975, Good Luck & God Bless You
Jane M Adams 3-3-75 [illegible place name]
George [illegible] March 21 1975
Janet Hernandez 1037 Mt Capitol San Antonio TX March 11, 1975. I found a Michigan born Janet R. Hernandez living in San Antonio, born Oct. 1915 and died 1994.
Frances Margaret Maloy, Lorain OH 3-13-75
Corky & Helen Peace 6-22-75 Kentucky
Mary Perry March 8, 1975 Kanopolis, Kansas
God bless you, Joy Manogue? 1975
M P Allor 2-17-75- perhaps Martin Allor who married Florence Wheatley.
Lorine? - Eleanor
Jenny 6-12-75
Big Shooter Tom-1975
Eric Jason - 1 yr.
Andrea Lynn 4 yrs
Mrs Howes 6-20-75 Salt River. Likely related to Minnie E. Howes who married Harry Wheatley.
Gene from Novi- 6/30/75 (Novi is a city outside of Detroit)
ABCDEF 4XOs Andrea
Luck of the Irish! Pat 1975
Rico Morsicals? (Rick) 1975
Tracey 1975 11 yrs
I love you! Lori 1975
Pat Lassman

It is sad to know this quilt was never completed, its recipient never cuddled under all the love expressed in the signatures.

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