Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow Days

1953 Tonawanda NY
I grew up with Lake Erie lake effect snow. Two years ago we moved away from Lake Michigan lake effect snow.

We got about 9"-10" of snow for our first snow fall yesterday--no laughing matter--but I've seen worse...

1960, sleding down the plowed snow at the Kuhn's barn
In the 1950s & early 1960s in Tonawanda NY, we had several snow days a season. Those were snow days! We stayed in the kitchen with the gas range running. Mom hung blankets up to keep the heat in. The bedrooms were unheated; I wore a flannel nightgown and was buried under heavy blankets.

Our snow covered willow tree, 1963
One year Dad had to climb out a window because the snow had piled against the door and he couldn't get out. Dad had a snow plow and worked at night to clear the factory parking lots. One night he came home with frostbite.

We would drive up to Niagara Falls to see the ice jam in the Gorge. The trees would be covered in ice.

Niagara Falls in Winter. 1963

The Gorge below the Falls. 1963
Sledding in the front yard. 1963

A shoveled walk at the Kuhn's house. 1963
When we move to Metro Detroit we laughed at the 'snow' days. It started snowing in December and we got a little bit every day or week. In those 'mini skirt' days, before tall boots, I'd get to school and have to warm up my cold, red legs.

I married and we lived in Delaware, Ohio for three years. The snow melted by noon. Sometimes there was ice. It melted by noon. 

Then we moved to Philadelphia where the snow was cleared with a broom and people used umbrellas in the snow. There was one huge storm while we lived there. In February I recall wearing a velveteen jacket one year. I had a lightweight jacket that served me for 'cold days'.

We went to see the reenactment of Washington Crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day, 1975. It was a tradition at Washington Crossing Park, PA.
Washington Crossing Park, PA
The Delaware River, Christmas Day 1975
When we moved to Hillsdale, MI and I had to buy a winter coat, gloves, boots, and a hat! We taught our son how to sled and how to make snow men.
Snow day in Hillsdale, MI my son and husband making snowmen
We lived in Lansing, MI for nine years. There were some early and some late storms while we lived there. 
2005 Lansing MI
A heavy snow bending the trees. 2005
 March 2005 we had a late snow that covered the tulips! 

2007-8 we were in Montague, MI in a house in the woods.

 They got the Lake Effect snow there--93" our first year!

Even in March there was snow...

We had one winter in Norton Shores, MI. There was a brutal wind off Lake Michigan. The back of the yard was all wooded and untamed. Turkey, deer, and Pileated Woodpeckers visited daily.

 Norton Shores, MI, just on the other side of a sand dune from Lake Michigan.
 Deer bedded down in our yard
We lived two years in Delton. The parsonage view was of farm fields. 
Delton Dec. 2011
Then we lived in Pentwater, MI, once again on the Lake Michigan shore. In 2013 my husband conducted Christmas Eve worship so we couldn't leave until Christmas Day. It was miserable with horrid visibility, and our son was a four hour drive away. In good weather. This was NOT good weather....

Trees were bending and splintereing under the heavy snow.
The damage was evident in the spring.

First rest stop...we had to clear the snow off our car.
Winter 2014 in Pentwater we had about 190" of snow! Every day my husband had to dig out the mail box...
As if a resort town wasn't empty enough in the off looked like a ghost town in witer 2014.
Our dogs had a tiny shoveled patch in the yard to use. The streets were icy and unsalted, so no walks for doggies.

So, I am feeling lucky if 10" of snow is all we have today.
Snow today

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