Monday, March 6, 2017

More Mr. Henckel Memories and a Surprise Connection

Several people who were also in Glee Club at Jane Addams Jr High have shared their memories.

We recalled how the boys would act up and get Mr. Henckel upset. He would go into his office until a boy went and apologized.

I remember that the kids all loved Louie, Louie and that I hated it for being one of those silly songs I had pledged as a girl to never like.

A man told me he recalled we sang The Telephone Song from Bye, Bye Birdie and he had a solo.

In 1964 Mr. Henckel and his wife had a son, Graham, named for Graham Hill the race car driver. I created a card for him, but of course never gave it.

It appears that Mr. Henckel's son grew up and became an engineer who worked on the Chrysler Viper!
Graham Henckel and his Viper from Linked In
Here are links to stories about the Viper and its chief designer:

My Dad also worked on the Viper during his last years at Chrysler! He was a mechanic who worked on small electric motors, including intermittent windshield wipers and door locks and was involved with testing. The Viper was one cool car!
Gene Gochenour in a Viper at work


  1. Nancy - this is Graham Henckel - a friend of mine told me about your post and I found it tonight! What a nice memory, and neat story. Thanks for sharing this. Sadly, my dad ("Mr. Henckel") in your story, passed last August, but he had a wonderful life and great memories of the kids from Jane Addams. He loved music and enjoyed sharing it with you. And, a small bit of his racing enthusiasm also lives today in his youngest grandson (our youngest son, curly hair and all), who is a very successful racer (still in the karts) at age 9. All the best, Graham

  2. Graham Your father along with Mrs Lischer (sp?) Jane Addams Elementary were a big part of my introduction into choral music. Though I didn't pursue it a s career I was apart of many great choral groups over the years and have sung all over the world. I also got to sing "Hello Mr Henkel this is Harvey Johnson, Can I speak to Penelope Ann?" A walk down memory lane John Love KHS '72

    1. What a great story. I hope Graham finds it. I also went on to sing in KHS choirs and masterwork choirs in Philadelphia, including twice with the Philly Orchestra. Hope you also saw my post