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One More Mr. Henckel Post

I found some errata concerning Mr. Henckel our glee club teacher at Jane Addams Junior High.

Mr Henckel and the Glee Club
Nov 18 1964

This is the day Mr. Henckel got paddled. He had told Mike M. that he had the right to paddle anybody who didn't put the books back right. Jim B. put a pile of books back wrong. Mike hit him once. Then Mr. Henckel put his book back wrong. Mike got up and took the paddle. Mr. H was writing something in his black book. SMACK! After a while he said 'when I gave him that job I didn't think he'd have enough nerve to do it to anybody.' Everyone died of laughter.

Nov. 23
Today Mr. Henckel came in and told s about his new son, Graham, who was born the Sunday before. he told us he was named after Graham Hill, the race car driver. He said he was going to get training wheels for his motorcycle. Someone asked if Graham had a middle name. When the answer was no, someone said, "How about Graham Crackers?" Now my brother goes around eating graham crackers all day saying, "I'm eating Mr. Henckel's son all up."

NOTE: Lori Shader Patterson admits she was the one who suggested Crackers as a middle name!

Nov. 24
In music class we sang "Noel" off key; he let us out early.
Dec. 7
Iolante, an operetta. It was good. Even if it was about fairies I enjoyed it very much. Mr. H. put a sign in the projector that read: Help! I'm being held prisoner in the projector! The next day he said he found out who it was, and put his own photo under the projector. Denise made a little paddle for Graham Mr. Henckel put it under the projector while we watched Iolante.
Dec. 10
Mr. Henckel got mad at us. The boys tried to out sing the girls. He put on a record of Christmas Carols. Everyone got bored. Sue and Ann had a staring contest. Sue won because someone pushed Ann's belly-button.Dec. 11
Mr. Henckel gave us a speech on Mozart. Denise has gotten a lot of tape on her mouth.
Dec. 15
Three days ago someone took Mr. Henckel's paddle.
Dec. 17
We all said Merry Christmas to Mr. Henckel. He said, "Same to you, lunkheads."

Here is something I made up back then:

Mr. Henckel's Musical Dictionary

Accent: emphasize or stress. Example: When Mr. Henckel has to tell the 7-4s to be quiet. SHUT UP YOU MEATHEADS!

Alla Breve: Two beats to the measure. Example: Spanking someone to music.

Allegretto: Gay and moderately lively. Example: The way Mr. Henckel acts when he doesn't have to stay up and feed Graham that night.

Cadence: The end of a musical sentence. Example: When Mr. Henckel finished a speech on music.

Crescendo: A gradual increasing in tone. Example: What Mr. Henckel does when he gets mad.

Da capo de fine: return to the beginning and play to the measure marked fine. Example: What Mr. Henckel has to do with we aren't listening to his speech and he has to repeat it.

Fortissimo: very loud and strong. Example: How Mr. Henckel talks when he's mad.

Henckel: A famous music teacher.

Graham 'Crackers': a famous food.

Lump-Lump: name used by Mr. Henckel

Meatheads: people with no musical sense, talent, etc. Example: the 7-4s.

Molto: much. Example: Mr. Henckel like much music.

Non Troppo: not too much. Example: the 7-4s don't like much music at a time.

Peabrain: name used by Mr. Henckel

Peanutbrain: another name used by Mr. Henckel

Poco: little. Example: We do little singing.

Sempre: always. Example: The 7-4s will always like Mr. Henckel.

Sforzando: forcing. Example: We always force Mr. Henckel into letting us sing.

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