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Pioneer Quilts: Prairie Settlers' Life in Fabric, Over 300 Quilts from the Poos Collection

Following their best selling 2015 book Indigo Quilts, which featured thirty blue and white quilts from the Poos collection, sisters Lori Lee Triplett and Kay Triplett now share over 300 more Poos Collection quilts in their upcoming book Pioneer Quilts: Prairie Settlers' Life in Fabric.

The Poos Collection is named for Martha Poos, the Triplett's grandmother. It is one of the largest privately held quilt and textile collections in the world with an emphasis on quilts from before 1860, including white on white, chintz, red and green, and indigo quilts.

Many of the quilts are fragile and cannot hold up to display. So quilters and quilt historians are grateful for the series of books featuring this remarkable collection. Previous books include Red and Green Quilts from the Poos Collection and Chintz Quilts from the Poos Collection. All are currently available.

Pioneer Quilts evolved from a request for an exhibition on quilts that told the American pioneer story. The Introduction offers a brief history of the Westward expansion beginning with the 1803 Louisana Purchase. The authors turned to personal diaries to understand the experience of the arduous journey and life on the Plains. The authors have pioneer roots in Kansas and share their ancestral pioneer story. The quilts are presented through the story of a fictional pioneer woman, Esther Heinzmann.

This beautiful book full is full of color photographs that show the quilts in whole and in detail. There are gorgeous red, white, and green 19th c quilts including the appliqued Wagon Wheel and Oak Leaf (1860) and the pieced Delectable Mountains (1850). The Pomegranate with Star and Pot of Flowers Border, a circa 1860 quilt from Ohio, adds Cheddar to the red and green. The indigo and white circa 1850 Sunflower and Nine-Patch quilt is a stunner.

Pieced quilts include a circa 1880 Jacob's Ladder, Bear's Paw circa 1870, and Wild Goose Chase circa 1875. Tree of Life, Star of Bethlehem, various basket quilts, star quilts, and Log Cabin based quilts also appear.

Included in the book are five quilt projects in a variety of sizes and skill levels: Delectable Mountains (120" x 120"); Wild Goose Chase (72" x 83"); Cake Stand (57" x 70"); Red and White Nine Patch (85" x 85"); and Double Four-Patch Crib Quilt (34 1/2" x 42"). Each pattern includes everything you need to successfully complete your project, including step-by-step directions with illustrations.

An exciting  block of the month to recreated the gorgeous 1856 Friendship Quilt featured in Pioneer Quilts will be of great interest to quilters.
Pioneer Quilts, published by C&T Publications, will be available July 17, 2017.

From the publisher:
Storytelling quilts from the era of westward expansion
Join fictional character Esther Heinzmann as she narrates the journey through authentic, pioneer-era creations from the Poos Collection - each featured in full color on a 2-page spread. Ideal for traditional quilters and quilt history buffs, this robust offering of 30 antique quilts, plus 5 quilt projects that readers can recreate at home. Offering access to the authors' privately held family collection, this book gives an in-depth look at the importance of quilts to the pioneer life. As you view the quilts, you'll also read accounts of the Great Migration, including preparation for the long journey and a depiction of real life on the prairie. 
• Full quilt photos and detail shots allow you to appreciate the beauty of these handmade quilts up close• Remake history with included project instructions for 5 of the antique quilts• Learn about the authors' own pioneer ancestors

Learn more about the Poos collection, quilts, and even fabric at

I received a free ebook from the publisher in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

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