Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Allie Aller's Stanied Glass Quilts Reimagined: Fresh Techniques & Design

I have enjoyed following the Allie's in Stitches blog and thought it was time I looked at Allie Aller's book Stained Glass Quilts Reminagined.  The quilts are gorgeous. Black makes colors pop and its use as 'leading does something wonderful to colored fabric.

The three approaches used to make stained glass quilts are:

  • Couched leading, sewing a thick fiber thread down around applique or pieced blocks
  • Appliqued leading, sewing ribbon or trim along the seams
  • Iron-on leading, using bias fabric treated with fusible web

Modern Rose Window by Allie Aller
 Allie offers ideas for pattern idea sources to develop and create an original pattern. There are practise exercises with photographs showing the steps to help quilters master the skills needed.

Silk fabrics will give the quilt luminosity, but batiks and solid cottons and even wool will also work for stained glass quilts. The fabrics must have a tight, fine weave.

Six beautiful projects are included in the book:

  • Windy Sunshine, a summer throw made in pastels and an abstract block pattern
  • Leaf Vine, a bed quilt with green vines on white
  • Mondrian's Window, a geometric pattern  'couch quilt' 
  • Window for Frank, an improvisational couch quilt inspired by the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Welcome Wreath, a wool and cotton applique floral wall hanging
  • Tiffany's Peacock, a classic stained glass wall hanging, seen on the book cover

The Parish Farm by Allie Aller
Allie's quilt gallery illustrates stained glass technique applied to applique, printed fabric, and pieced quilts. I had never considered couching or stich-in-the-ditch leading on a quilt before. I was pleased to see her made her own fused bias; the one stained glass quilt I made used purchased prefused bias tape, which was costly.

I recieved a free ebook from the publisher in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

This book is available now fro C&T Publishing.

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