Thursday, September 5, 2013

Abstract Art... More Quilts from Grand Rapids

I loved the variety of abstract quilt art at the show last month! They are just amazing. By the awards given, it I evident that the judges were also impressed.

The non-representational Allegretto by Katie Pasquini Masopust was so unlike her Fractured Landscape quilts, which I had seen many years ago at a Lansing, MI quilt guild presentation.

Light and Shadow- Colors of Ghana by Carol Fleming Chenoweth used batiks from Ghana, West Africa.

Night Glow by Linda Bachman. I just love the broad areas of vibrant color.

Michigan quilter Deanna Gaudaur's New Beauty is a whole cloth quilt colored with threads and machine quilted designs.

Maria Reuter of Germany's Digital World depicts the digital transmission between the elements fire and water.

Chartreuse, Celadon, Kelly, Fern by Panela Zave explores yellow green.

Prize winning quilt Escuchame by Beth Markel of Michigan represents 'noise' and 'quiet' (dark areas) and how few real connections are made.

Six Fifteen by Tina McCann was so interesting with its layers of silk and wool, a very three-dimensional and textured quilt. The layers represent the layers of time.

Suddenly... by Pan Beal of Michigan started with 3/4 inch squares. it is hand quilted.

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