Monday, September 23, 2013

Caohagan Quilt

My friend Kathryn who attended the Grand Rapids AQS show with me last month ordered a Caohagan quilt and she brought it over to show me. Caohagan is a small island in the Phillipines. In 1996 Junko Sakiyama started teaching quilt making. Today one third of the islands income is generated from the sales of quilts! And the proceeds go directly to the quilt makers.

 The lower half of the quilt was made up of this lovely floral tree surrounded by cats, birds and butterflies.

 The top half pictured the village houses, palm trees, birds and more cats.

The quilt maker's embroidered signature.

Embroidered outlined the animals and gave details to the elements.

The backing fabric. 

A photo of the quilt maker Ayen and her quilt.

Find out how to order quilts at

When you visit their website you can choose which quilt you want to purchase. Kathryn said it was nicely shipped, smelled great, and arrived quite quickly.

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