Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Two Mid-Century Quilts

When I went to the AQS quilt show I stayed with a friend who owns a home in Grand Rapids. She showed me three quilts made by her mother-in-law. The fabrics reflect the quilter's time span, some dating from the Depression Era and others from the Mod sixties and early seventies.

I loved the blue sashing on this Lemoyne Star. And the plaid and gingham fabrics! This quilt was folded at the bottom of the guest bed.

On the master bed was a wonderful Grandmother's Flower Garden variation. The 'flowers' were all different hexagons, not arranged in concentric colors as usually found. But each had a yellow center.

My hostess pointed out fabrics that had been dresses she had worn in the 1970s, and other fabrics from clothes worn by her mother-in-law.

There were bits of interesting textured fabrics like the red and green on white print.

I have to love that daisy on brown fabrics, recalls to mind a cute suit I had in 1967.

The third quilt was Trip Around the World, kept in a trunk. Yes, I did recommend she keep it in a pillowcase and on a shelf. The quilt had a lot of gray along with vivid red and lovely Nile green.

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