Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Donkey and the Unicorn

Once upon a time there was a Unicorn who was languishing in a closet. He had been rescued from an Antique Mall many years ago, and had at that time been hopeful of leading a productive and happy life. And for a brief time he did. Then his rescuer decided he was too nice for every day and back into a closet he went. His rescuer was in fact a HOARDER with hundreds of handkerchiefs and napkins and linens stashed away in the closet. The Unicorn was FORGOTTEN.

But some weeks ago a man named Dustin saw his photo in a web album. Dustin knew he had to bring the Unicorn home. So he proposed a trade: He would offer to make one of his famous Giddy-up Donkey blocks to ransom the Unicorn from it's meaningless existence.

Dustin created a red, white and blue background of tiny squares. The colors were that of the American Flag, and also mirrored the floral background of the Unicorn. The Democratic Donkey was made of Republican Elephant fabric. Now, what will we make of this political statement?
The HOARDER promises that, after she has a sewing room again, she will NOT just stash the Donkey in her capacious closet (or other storage unit) but will actually, in fact, put him into a QUILT. By the 2016 election.

And we all look forward to seeing the Unicorn in one of Dustin's creative projects!


  1. hooray, mission accomplished!! can't wait to see the unicorn in person. The project for which I've slated the use of this mythical creature is probably realistically also on a (hopefully) by 2016 timeframe too...

  2. P.S. I wanted to place the donkey going right and the elephants going left... and call the whole thing "gridlock"... the original working title was "water goes where water wants" inspired after seeing that addage as a tatoo somewhere on the internets. so my friend, you may choose the final name of this little guy.