Saturday, October 4, 2014

30th Annual West Branch Quilt Walk

Yesterday I was finally able to see the West Branch Quilt Walk, established 30 years ago by quilters wanting to raise money for the area's first Hospice care. I learned that it will also be the last one. The founders are getting up in years, and there are not enough younger folk willing to take on the project. A story too often told.

West Branch, MI is near the Ogemaw hills, Up North by Troll standards but a mere two and a half hours from Metro Detroit. It calls itself a Victorian town, and there are some lovely Victorian homes and buildings.

The quilts are displayed in various venues throughout town, from the library and city hall to the antique malls and even the jewelry store and wine store.

Some of my favorites were the Redwork quilts. This was a pre-printed panel beautifully embroidered and hand quilted.

A Redwork Sampler included patterns of all vintages.

 Embroidered, Pieced and Quilted by the Rifle River Quilt Guild
Botanical Redwork, Owned, Pieced and Quilted by Barb MacDonald of Oscoda.

A cute bluework featured a tea theme.
 Tea Party Time by Barb MacDonald, Oscoda

There were some lovely applique quilts as well.

 Pieced and owned by Barb MacDonald and quilter by Nancy Webster

 I loved this Sunbonnet Sue Sampler Owned, Pieced and Quilted by Beverly Baumgart, Alger and the The Pink Ladies Group.

It was a nice surprise to see some art quilts as well; by Joan Berg-Rezmer of Gladwin.

A lovely portrait of her husband by Cindy HeitMuller was quilted and thread work embellished by Jan Berg-Rezmer.

Vintage quilt tops pieced in the 1970s by Anna Baylis were quilted by Kathy Curtis and owned by Karen Beyerlein of Lupton.


And of course pieced quilts abounded. This pattern was one I also made, a late 1990s pattern from a quilt magazine.
 I'm a sucker for pansies.

Pieced and quilted by Treva Meyers, Clarksville MI 
and bought in 1984 by Terry Boyce of Rose City.

Another Barb MacDonald quilt showing great fussing cutting. Hot Flashes was all hand sewn.

 An amazing paper pieced work by Gerald Brauer of Greenbush.

Some lucky quilts were displayed on beds in a furniture store, like this Edyta Sitar umbrella pattern by Barb MacDonald.
 A state star sampler was huge.

So glad I had a chance to see this show, even if it is the last one. There is hope that reorganization and new leadership will birth a new show in the future.

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