Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ogemaw County Quilt Trail

On our last day of our trip Up North we visited several barns on the Ogemaw County Quilt Trail. Fifteen county barns display a quilt block.

The first one we discovered while driving from West Branch to my brother's cabin. The Zettle barn has a block with a cat on it.

 Several days later we were looking to get a nice photo of the Smiley face water tower, voted the #1 favorite sight on the I-75 drive Up North by Detroit Free Press readers this summer. That is how we found quilt block two.

 The third quilt block was not far away.
There is a map available at the city hall showing how to find all the barns.

A favorite shop that sold reproduction fabrics has decided to discontinue stocking fabrics! I had to take advantage of the 25% discount. I also visited Caroline's Sewing Room. I bought reproduction wide backing fabric for my Charles Dickens quilt. I have one more quilting session and I will have finally quilted my "Green Heroes" quilt!!! Whoopee! And Dickens is next in line.

While walking our doggies I twice saw an otter along the roadside and watched it slink into a culvert that diverts a creek under the road. In the other direction the creek goes down a waterfalls. As it rained quite hard several days the water's rush was very loud. We were told that a neighbor has caught salmon in this creek!

Now we are back home that To-Do List is being addressed again. This week we are painting the hallway, including inside the linen closet and installing a new LED ceiling light fixture. It was nice to spend a week away with no to-do list, no television, no Internet (except at the library!), and plenty of time to read.

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