Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's Not Over Yet...More Small Quilts

They just keep coming. I know you are weary of them, but I can't stop. Most are no longer with me, and this way I get to see them again!

I made this wall hanging for a minister's 14th wedding anniversary. The applique pattern was from "The Quilted Cross". Hand appliqued and quilted.
 I bought some images on fabric at a quilt show and made little hangings for my room.
 Then I got smart and printed images on fabric with my computer!
 I bought a book of Klee's art and was inspired to see what I could do. Fused fabrics, machine quilted.
 A class with Gwen Marston taught us to create our own applique patterns. This was my quilt from that class. Hand appliqued and quilted.
 This cute pattern using handkerchiefs called Saucy Senorita always gets attention. Hand embroidered,  hand appliqued, and hand quilted.
 This handkerchief quilt is simple but vibrant. Recently gifted to a friend. Machine quilted.

I found the vintage blocks in an antique shop and set them with vintage plaid fabric. Ain't they cute?
 My first quilt guild in Jackson, MI had a Christmas fabric exchange...and a challenge using a printed on fabric poem. I used a pattern from a quilt magazine. Hand appliqued and quilted.
Do you enjoy making small quilts?

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