Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Small Quilts

As I have been quilting since 1991 I have made a lot of small quilts.

One year my husband and son bought me some Keepsake Quilt catalog quilt kits, including this fusible applique, machine quilted Blue Heron.
When I was preparing to make my Barbie Quilt I did this prototype to try the computer printing and the dressing the image.
 I loved the image from a 1920s valentine card and turned it into an embroidery pattern. The applique patterns are from Mountain Mist. Hand appliqued, hand embroidered, and hand quilted. Donated to a library fund raiser.
 "Brain Fog" was my donation to Ami Simm's Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative in it's early days. There is a sheer organza overlay with the dotted pattern. Machine quilter.

A favorite quilt which always hangs on my bedroom wall is this collage of printed textile, handkerchiefs, lace and trims, vintage buttons and pins.
 I had not yet learned embroidery. Didn't matter, I embroidered anyway! The crayon tinted image is from a 1920s Flower Fairy book. I used silk morning glory flowers, beads, and a sheer overlay.
 I was able to take a surface design course many years ago and created this textile which I hand quilted and beaded. Donated. Can't even remember where it went!
Early in my quilting life I was broke. Somehow the local quilt store thought I was up to teaching classes and this was a class sample I made. Hand quilted.
 My son was a dinosaur freak. What kid wasn't in the Jurassic Park days? This was from a pattern book which I can't recall the name of. Hand quilted.
My husband saw this quilt in a shop and wanted it. It is made of small squares of fabric fused together. Yikes. It hung in his office at Christmas.
 This sampler has a theme: Bachelor's Puzzle, Wedding Ring, Steps to the Altar, and a heart!Hand quilted.
Sometimes I just want to try a pattern and see if I like it, so I made this Trip Around the World. Loved the colors. Hated sewing the squares. Hand quilted. Donated.
I had to keep giving these small quilts away so I could make MORE!

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