Friday, September 5, 2014

Mom's Roses and Old Houses

Mom planted this rose long ago. Mom passed in 1990 and Dad took care of it. He would give the flowers to the waitress where he breakfasted. Dad passed six years ago. In all that time all I have been able to do it trim the canes in the fall and the extra little leaves in the spring. Now we live here full time I have to learn how to really care for roses.

But it blooms it's little heart out all summer long!

Today I met a new friend at a quilt shop. We shared quilt projects and had lunch together. We have been corresponding for some months but it was our first meeting. On the way home I drove by my girlhood home which  hardly looks different.
1966 with my brother and the neighborhood kids


It is the hottest day of summer so far, 90 degrees. Severe storms are coming. With flood warnings. After the front goes through we will have temps in the mid-seventies. It's been a cooler summer overall.
in the sahde

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