Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Details

On our visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts I found myself noticing details. Like this wonderful floral basket from the statue Zephyr Dancing with Flora by Benzoni. 

 How did he carve all that stone to create such delicate and lacy flowers? It amazes me.

In the room were examples of first century statues, including one from Herculaneum with it's wonderful folds and pleats.

Medieval artists loved to render the luxurious fabrics in detail. Amazing.

Those ornate fabrics truly marked a person's class. As did the plainer clothing of the common folk.

This portrait of a mother and daughter by Peale shows fabric less ornate and showy, but ultra-feminine, airy light. I loved how the doll looked just like Mommy but was dressed just like daughter. Perhaps it reflects how young girls want to grow up to be just like their mother. Especially when mother is so elegant and beautiful!

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