Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Quilts May Be Small, the Love is Big

I enjoy making small quilts, especially for presents or to donate to fundraisers.

This quilt was based on a couple's wedding invitation art. I used hand applique and embroidery, hand quilting, beading, and applied daisy trim.
A Christmas gift for a church secretary, machine applique, hand embroidery.
 Dad took a photo that I turned into an art quilt. It was donated to a fundraiser. Hand appliqued, machine quilted.
 I found the cat, dog and heart patterns free online. The Love Your Neighbor was all mine and cut without a template. Donated to a fundraiser.
 I bought this pattern from Heartstring Treasures and made several versions of this cute quilt. Machine applique, hand quilted, sequins. Donated to a fundraiser.
Two hand appliqued and quilter blocks, both original designs, donated to a fund raiser. I think I want that daisy one back!
Sometimes I just get an idea and try it. Hand appliqued and machine quilted. Kept it!
When my brother-in-law married his high school sweetheart I designed this quilt. I researched Japanese symbols to bless their marriage.
A collection of vintage embroidery transfers inspired Country Gardens. Given to a relative.
A Baltimore Album design by Jeanna Kimball, hand appliqued, was given to a church organist. Made early on, I still had a LOT to learn abour fabric.

A hand printed greeting card inspired this hand appliqued and hand quilted pansy. I used permanent fine line marker to add dots for shadowing.
Another small quilt with Jeanna Kimball patterns, this time using feedsacks for the borders. Hand appliqued and quilted. Donated to a fund raiser.

I made our Game Master son this dragon quilt, inspired by the great fabric in the border. I found an image and turned it into a fusible applique and used thread for details. Turns out a Dragon was the symbol of the college gamer's club!
A cute yo-yo flowers with button centers was from a magazine pattern. Donated.
Next time I will share some MORE small quilts!

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