Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A VIsit To The Detroit Institute of Arts

Uncle Tom and Little Eva, Duncanson

Indian Telegraph by Stanley

Head of a Negro by Copely

Watson and the Shark by Copely
On Sunday afternoon we visited the Detroit Institute of Arts. They have some real treasures. Recent financial issues have brought the art to the table as a way of raising money for the bankrupt city. So far the art has been protected from sale.

Frederick Church's Cotopaxi

George Washington by Peale

Vincent Van Gogh self portrait

When I was in Eight Grade my homeroom and music teacher arranged for our class to go on a series of cultural field trips. The art museum was included. Afterwards I begged for my family to take me back.
In the Garden by Mary Cassett
A Woman by Mogdalini 


Van Gogh
Every visit I see familiar paintings which I recall from childhood and notice others that had not struck me before. There were also paintings on loan from other collections, keeping the experience fresh. These were new to me:
Three Top Sergeants by George Luks

Fisher Boy by Charles Webster Hawthrone

Merrymakers by Carolus-Duran
The museum has learning experience throughout. Whistler's painting Black and Gold was controversial in its day and children could read about it and comment.

We bought a membership although we can attend free of charge as our county taxes helps to support the museum. I look forward to many more visits.

The Lily Pond by Charles Harry Eaton

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