Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A New Tree Comes To The Yard

My brother gave my husband a gift card to the local garden center as a retirement gift. We bought a tree for the front yard. It will flower in the spring and we will plant bulbs around it as well.

My dad had planted a birch, a pine, and two arbor vitae in the front back in the early 1970s. The birch died, the pine was growing on the roof and into the neighbor's driveway, and the bushes covered the front windows. We had them all removed. Now we can finally landscape again.

I have the 'new' vintage china cabinet in my sewing area all filled with vintage fabrics, quilt tops and blocks, and linens and such.

You can see feedsacks and mid-century sheets in the photo above. I also have a nice collection of 50s/60s dress and cotton fabrics, some 70s/80s calicos, and some barkcloth and upholstery weight fabrics. I have smaller pieces of feedsack and vintage prints which I use for repairing vintage quilts.

Every week is a step further along, but so much is left to do! I really need the electric upgrade in the basement sewing area and a kitchen remodel. And new flooring in the family room. And...

The joys and challenges of home ownership. Now mine.

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