Saturday, November 8, 2014

Remember This? The Early 1960s

I learned to knit as a girl and made several head bands like the blue and white stripped one on the left. 

And I knit slippers like the ones below.
Pom Pom slippers like I knit as a girl
The patterns were in a green and white book of basic instructions on all kinds of needlework. Mom and Grandma were great knitters. I was awful.

"You can defer wrinkles, defend your chin line, and firm your facial muscles with these simple exercises." The October 1962 Family Circle magazine has an article on "face-saving" exercises.

In junior high we had to create a dance routine to Chicken Fat, a song for exercising that came out of the Kennedy administration. At age fourteen I did jumping jacks, sit ups, and push ups. But I never considered I needed to exercise my face!

Here is Marie Claire's yoga version of facial exercises:

Do they work? LA Times says no.

Hush Puppies were popular. I was perfectly glad to wear them. Mom had me in Saddle Shoes in elementary school, but I got penny loafers and Hush Puppies in junior high.

My mother-in-law was asked by her granddaughter how she kept her skin looking so young. "I never used soap" she replied. But she did always have a jar of Noxema.

Ivory had a promotion with two women who looked to be sisters but were actually mother and daughter. We were supposed to know by the hands who had spent eighteen years up to her elbows in suds. 
I miss the old phones. I truly do miss them. The wireless ones give me a headache, so I always have them on speaker phone and hold them a good 6 inches away from my ear. I'm so old I remember party lines and having to hang up when someone else was talking on the joint line.
When I went to school my sandwiches were in Waxtex sandwich bags, not plastic zip lock bags. 
Mom ordered some of these prints for my room. Now the Big Eyed kids are being rediscovered, and a movie about the artist Margaret Keane is coming out. I was embarrassed by go-go boots and Mod stuff then. I was twelve and not ready for teen stuff. I still preferred Bach, Books and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

See the posters in color here

How racy were these ads? Long before Victoria's Secret there was Maidenform.

Are you feeling old? Or are you thinking I am the one who is OLD!

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