Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving At My Place

No turkeys are being roasted by me!
The first Thanksgiving since moving permanently into our very own home finds us without a usable oven and with visitors from Finland!

We ordered a new oven but it arrived without racks. A replacement was ordered but the company lost the order! They are now shipping racks and other missing items to us, to arrive by early December at the latest. No baking pies or roasting a turkey for me...And my husband wanted one of those Pies Men Like I blogged about!
No pies will be baked by me!
Luckily we were invited by my aunt to come dine with her and my cousins and their families. Aunt Pat was married to my mother's brother Dave, who was in the navy.
Our exchange student daughter from Finland is back in the states to study and she and her husband came to visit us for the holiday! Marianna lived with us about 17 years ago. Her mother Elina was my exchange student sister in 1969-70! It has been fun catching up.
Marianna and Kimmo
Me, Elina, and my Grandfather Lynne Ramer Christmas 1969
Today I am thankful for:
  • Having a home of my own and having the finances to make it ours.We got another bid for the kitchen remodel. I think it will happen early next year!
  • Family, those who surround me and those who went before and made it possible for me to live in this country and enjoy the freedoms and security it avails. Our immigrant ancestors were brave people with great hope for a better life. Some of my ancestors wanted religious freedom. Some were escaping war, some persecution. 
  • Our two doggies who bring us laughter and love, and make us go on walks when we don't want to.
    Our two girls
  • The creative possibilities that quilting has brought into my life. I am researching for a Great Gatsby quilt right now.
  • The ability to connect with people all over the world because of Internet.
  • The wonderful books I can read, bringing me understanding and widening my world. Thanks publishers for NetGalley books! 

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