Saturday, November 1, 2014

Still Catching Up on the Austen Family Album Block of the Week...

Going away on several trips meant I got behind again on Brackman's weekly Austen Family blocks. I did three these past few days.

Friendship block for Anne Brydges LeFroy, Jane's friend and mentor
 Wheel of Change for Capt. Jean-Francoise Capot de Feullide, husband of Eliza Hancock
Old Maid's Puzzle for Tom LeFroy, Jane's "heart throb" at age 20
Before Friday we had a few lovely days. There are still some leaves on the trees.

I added some little pumpkins to the donkey cart made by my dad which is  filled with Zinnia's still in bloom.
But yesterday it rained and the cold driving wind and rain kept the little kids from trick or treating. Groups of middle school boys were out in droves. One told me it was "worth" going out in the rain for the candy! 

Oh for the stamina of youth again! 

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