Monday, August 17, 2015

AQS Grand Rapids: A Wicked Good Time

I was able to spend two days at the American Quilt Society show in Grand Rapids, MI! One afternoon we viewed the main exhibit of contest quilts, and the next day we covered the special exhibits and vendor's mall. It was great running into many friends. How we find each other in the thousands of faces, I don't know, but we did!

You can see all of the winning quilts at the AQS website here. The Best of Show winner was Michigan's own Pat Holly! It is another stunning masterpiece in her India-inspired series.
Saffron Splendor by Pat Holly
Best Use of Color went to another Michigan quilter! Deborah S. Hyde of West Bloomfield's amazing Sam in Sunlight is a portrait of her son. Unforgeable.
Sam in Sunlight by Deborah S, Hyde
One of the special exhibits was The Wicked (TM) Cherrywood Challenge. Quilters had to use the 'Wicked' Green and black fabrics to make a 20" square quilt influenced by the musical Broadway hit--which I will remind you was based on the Gregory Maguire book. (I read the book and enjoyed its originality. But have not seen the musical.)

We voted on our favorite quilt, which was not an easy task. The voting box was so full we had to really shove our paper in. But one lucky quilter was going to win Cherrywood fabric, so we were all motivated to vote!

Keeping on theme... first time quilter and retired elementary school teacher Janet Schug entered her first quilt, The Journey Home based on Frank L. Baum's The Wizard of Oz. Janet say it represents her journey into new beginnings as well as the journey of others.

Janet Schug and The Journey Home
The blocks have a delightful unsophistication, while incorporating careful fabric choices and placement. Janet told me she hand stamped each letter of the words one by one. 
 Janet eagerly told viewers that if one can dream it one can do it, and that she is the living example.

Downtown Grand Rapids is an exciting place to be. We could look across the river to see the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and the Van Andel Public Museum. A few blocks in the other direction was the Grand Rapids Art Museum. We ate at the B.O.B. I learned that meant Big Old Building!

the view from my room
 I have lots more to tell about my trip. So watch for other posts to come.

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