Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Depression Era Dresden Plate Quilt Top

I found a Depression Era Dresden Plate quilt top at the Royal Oak Flea Market. The seller said,
"Today only, $20." I happened to have $20. So it came home with me!

The 84" x 83" top is hand appliquéd and hand embroidered. The Dresden Plate fabrics look pristine; they were bought new and show no fading or wear. They may be machine pieced as I can not see any hand stitching. The muslin has some yellowing, but it is a good weight and not thin and the thread count is good. The corners of the plate blocks have a lavender appliquéd piece that makes an interesting secondary design.

I discovered that my friend Theresa was also at the flea market and bought a Hexie quilt!

Next door to where I bought my quilt top a lady had two kit quilts on display. She said she had lost the paper with who made the floral bouquet quilt but believed it was dated to 1949.

She had this crib kit quilt which I have seen before. It was for sale for $95. She thought it was from the 1950s.
Quilts were being used as table toppers.
 I liked this two color star quilt because I rarely see a brown and white quilt.

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