Saturday, February 13, 2016

Queen Victoria Jubilee Souvenir Linens

Bobby Brown of Backstreet Quilts in Bad Axe, MI (yes that is a real town name!) spoke to my guild and shared her embroidered and wool appliqué quilts. She also shared  an embroidered linen towel or 'splasher' that I knew right away commemorated Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 60 years on the throne. A boy is blowing a trumpet with a banner reading "God Save the Queen" over a banner reading "1837- Jubilee-1887".

 One edge has a hand knotted fringe.

There appears to be initials in red embroidery.

I have a handkerchief celebrating the Golden Jubilee ten years later in 1897.
In 1837 eighteen-year-old Queen Victoria came to the throne.
At the bottom of the handkerchief is, "Four generations, the longest reign on record." The flags include all the countries of Great Britain.

The Queen passed in 1901, the second longest reigning British monarch.

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