Friday, February 5, 2016

Valentines and Romantic Quilts

For February our local library has a display of vintage valentines and 'romantic' quilts have been hung.


 Shirley L. made this vintage handkerchief quilt embellished with machine embroidery.
 My handkerchief/pillowcase/embellished wall hanging.
I used an embroidered pillow case as my surface
I love that handkerchief so much when I saw another I snatched it up!

And my Vintage Rose is there, made from an embroidered doily, vintage quilt pieces, and embellishments.
I have some vintage valentines in my collection. I made turned several images into embroidered patterns; one has handkerchief points in the border. I sell the patterns at Rosemont Needle Arts on Etsy.

Some of my vintage valentine cards:

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