Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Crayon Quilts

Esther Aliu has been trying her hand at crayon tinting, and so is a lady from  my weekly quilting group. I have had a long love affair with crayons. So when I found out about crayon tinting on fabric I had fun trying it out! These quilts were made about 12 years ago. I used Prang crayons and heat set the color by laying paper towels or muslin over the crayon.

These Scotties are from vintage embroidery patterns.
 I based these animal designs on  vintage greeting cards.

This May Flower Fairy from A Year With the Fairies is hand colored and embroidered.
Sunbonnet Sue is colored with fabric paint pens and is bordered with vintage feed sacks.
Bunny Children is a vintage pattern available at Sentimental Stitches.

 Children of the World is a vintage pattern I found online.
My friend Judy made this cute quilt.
Have you colored on fabric?

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